Students: Yr8

The topics we will be studying in year 8 are: (Subject to change / adaptation)

Unit 1:

Changes in Britain 1750-1900 (Industrial Revolution and it's impact)

This unit will look at how Britain developed during the Industrial Revolution, particularly jobs and population. The key skills you will develop in this unit are CHANGE & CONTINUITY (What changed and what stayed the same), as well as CAUSE & CONSEQUENCE, which will build on what you learnt in Year 7. We will also explore in this unit working conditions in the factories and living conditions for many Britons. This unit will conclude by looking at Slavery and the Slave Trade.

Unit 2:

the 20th Century

In Unit 2, we will look at the 20th Century and work on the key changes or events that took place, such as the sinking of Titanic, Assassination of US President John F. Kennedy as well as deciding which invention has had the biggest impact in ordinary people's lives, we will also look at the USA in the 20th Century, specifically the 1920s.

Unit 3:

Changing nature of Warfare?

We will spend some time going through the different wars of the 20th Century, starting with WWI. We wil begin by focusing on soldier recruitment, conditions in the trenches and a look at war poetry. This unit will directly support the GCSE Module on 'Medicine in the Trenches'. We will then look at WW2, particularly the new tactics used by the Nazi's in order to compare to WWI. We will assess the effectiveness of Blizkrieg, then move on to the Holocaust. We will move our focus onto Pearl Harbor and its links to dropping of the Atomic Bomb in Hiroshima and how that lead to the Cold War.

The concepts being used in this module are significance, cause and consequence and Big Picture History.


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