Students: Year 8 KS3

Literacy in History:

How to write a great history essay


History Skills / Concepts progress ladder

New Monarch Timeline since 1066

Year 7

Year 9

Year 10

Year 11

Unit 6: French Revolution 1789-99

Topic 1: Context - French society & France's place in the world

Topic 2: Why did the people rise up?

Bastille Interpretations

Topic 3: What happened after Bastille?

Topic 4: King Louis XVI execution: how did we get from the Bastille to the Guillotine?

French Rev - Key Knowledge

Topic 5: Robespierre, the Jacobins and The Terror

Topic 6: Did the Revolutionaries achieve their goal and how revolutionary was the French Revolution?

Essay Planning Sheet

Napoleon's changes

Unit 1: Life under the Stuarts: Was the world really turned upside down?

Topic 1: Introduction and context of Stuart England

Topic 2: What was the witch craze?

Macbeth Text

Topic 3: What happened during the Gunpowder Plot?

Were the plotters framed?

Topic 4: Who was Charles I and was he to blame for his own problems?

Causes of Civil War Sheet

Civil War Essay Guide

Topic 5: What was life like during the English Civil War?

Topic 6: Key Battles of the English Civil War

Topic 7: Charles I's trial and execution

Extra info, sources & Qs

Trial Role Play

Topic 8: What was life like under Oliver Cromwell?


Cromwell interpretations

Unit 2: Industrial Revolution and how it shaped the modern world (SOURCE BASED UNIT)

Unit 3: How did Britain build an empire?

Unit 4: The Slave Trade and Abolition

Topic 1: Introduction to the Industrial period 1750-1900

Topic 2: Living Conditions in the Industrial Period

SKILLS: Mini source based assessment

Many video sources are used for unit 2 that are only available in school

Topic 1: Introduction to the British Empire

Stuarts Knowledge Organiser

Industrial Period Knowledge Organiser

French Revelolution

Knowledge Organiser

Unit 5: American Revolution 1765 and US Civil War 1861

Topic 3: What was the Agricultural Revolution?

Pros & Cons task

Topic 4: How did society look during the Industrial Period?

Topic 5: Who were the Luddites and why were they angry?

Topic 6: Crime, punishment & policing in the 19th Century

Topic 7: Jack the Ripper investigation

Topic 2: Why did the American Revolution take place?

Topic 1: Who were the Native American Indians?

Topic 3: What caused the American Civil War in 1861-65?

Independent Research: Inventions and inventors of the Industrial Revolution

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