Key dates in the coming academic year 2018-19

(Check regularly for revision dates and trips)

5-9 April 2019

Berlin / Poland Trip

Leaving School at 3am

Going - Flight Number: BA982 London Heathrow to Berlin 08:45

Returning - Flight Number: BA873 Krakow to London Heathrow 22:45

Should be back at school at approx. 01:30-2:00am

GCSE History Exams:

Paper 1: Trenches & Medicine                      Monday 3rd June              9:00am     1Hr 15 Mins.

No other exams this day

Paper 2: Cold War & Elizabeth I                    Thursday 6th June            1:00pm     1Hr 45 Mins.

Maths Paper 2 Calculator in the morning

Paper 3: Germany                                          Wednesday 12th June       1:00pm     1Hr 20 Mins.

Maths Paper 3 Calculator in the morning