Students: Year 7  KS3

Topic 1: What was the Middle Ages & Key events overview

Topic 2: Why was England invaded and who were the invaders?

Topic 3: Why was 1066 such a dramatic year?

Topic 4: How useful is the Bayeux Tapestry to historians learning about 1066?

Topic 5: What were King Harold's options and did he choose wisely?

Topic 6: How different were the Norman and English armies?

Topic 7: What happened on 14th October 1066 at Hastings?

History Skills / Concepts progress ladder

Topic 8: How did William really take control of England?

Topic 9: How important were castles for William's control?

Unit 1.1: Conquest and Control

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Unit 1.2: Life in Medieval England

Topic 1: What was life like in William's England (Domesday Book & Peasant life)

Topic 2: Importance of Religion in the Middle Ages (Doom Paintings)

Topic 3: Why was Archbiship of Canterbury, Thomas Becket, murdered in 1170?

Topic 5: Was Ghengis Kahn the most powerful ruler in the Middle Ages?

Topic 7: How did people deal with the Black Death in 1348?

Topic 8: Why did the Peasants revolt in 1381?

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Topic 9: Who was King Richard III and did he murder the Princes in the Tower?


New Monarchs Timeline since 1066

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10

Year 11

Why did Edward I embark on a conquest of Wales and Scotland?

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Unit 2: Life in Tudor England

Yr7 Key Knowledge overview


Yr7 Curriculum Road Map

Literacy in History:

How to write a great history essay

Middle Ages Knowledge Organiser

Pre 1066 / Norman Conquest Knoweldge Organiser

Topic 1: Who were Henry VIII's wives?

Topic 2: Why was Henry VIII upset with The Catholic Church?

Topic 3: What happened during the Dissolution of the Monasteries?

Role cards for task at the end of lesson

Topic 4: What was the Pilgrimage of Grace in 1536?

Topic 5: What were the changes to the Church during the Tudor period

Topic 6: Did Mary I deserve the title 'Bloody Mary'?

Evidence for your case against Mary

Topic 7: Tudor Crime & Punishment

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Topic 8: Elizabeth I's new Religious Settlement

Settlement Scroll

Topic 9: Elizabethan Exploration of the world

Our Key Stage 3 Curriculum Overview Plan 2021-22

Edward I is no longer taught, however is still online if you're interested, or from another school where it is taught, it miight be useful

Topic 4: Does King John deserve his reputation? What was Magna Carta?

Topic 6: What was Mansa Musa's legacy from the Middle Ages?

Topic 4a: How powerful was King John's mother Eleanor of Aquitain?