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Unit 1:

Why did William win?

This will be assessed through an essay looking at 2 of the most important concepts / skills in History, "CAUSE & CONSEQUENCE" (Which means what caused an event or situation and what happened as a result of it). You will learn about the Battle of Hastings in 1066 and the aftermath of it leading to a completely different England, which will link to the next unit of year 7. This unit will also investigate the introduction of castles and look at their development over time.

Unit 2:

What was it like to live in Medieval Britain (1066-1485)?

This unit will look at life as a peasant in the villages and towns as well as how important Religion was to Medieval people. We will also analyse the Black Death of 1348 and it's "SIGNIFICANCE" (How important was this event?). You will practise your SOURCE skills throughout year 7 as well as complete a Medieval Life research project, developing your 'INDEPENDENT' study skills. Finally this unit will look at the Peasants Revolt, utilising all of the skills and concepts we've worked on since the start of the year.

Unit 3:

Could a king do whatever he liked?

This unit will look at some of the actions and outcomes of our medieval monarchs including the 'Murder' of Thomas Becket. We will analyse the reign of King John leading to Magna Carta, which restricted his and future monarch's power.

Unit 4:

Tudor England

In preparation for GCSE History and the introduction of a Tudor element, you will be introduced to King Henry VIII and his daughter Queen Elizabeth I. We will look at their religious actions, as well as some of the battles and problems they faced and how they dealt with them.

Year 8

History Skills / Concepts progress ladder

The topics we will be studying in year 7 are: (Subject to change / adaptation)