Welcome to ModsPod, a collection of Podcasts from our students and special guests...

Episode 1: Economics (30mins)

Former student Harry discussing Economics and how it impacts all of our lives.

Maybe more suitable for older students, especially if you're thinking about Economics Post 16 study

Episode 2: Black History in USA (36 mins)

This episode is from Miss Owings, our history teacher from Georgia USA giving a brief overview of race relations since the end of Slavery. Unique insight from within the USA.

Episode 3: Yr9 Causes of WWI (20 mins)

This episode is Jack in Yr9 discussing the causes and events of WWI, as well a link to longer term consequences

Episode 4: Yr7 Anne Frank (22 mins)

Evie discussing Anne Frank's Diary and its impact and importance

Episode 5: Yr10 Conspiracies (54 mins)

Kobe, Lennon, Luke and Matthew discussing some of the world's biggest Conspiracies.

Episode 6: Yr9 Nazis in WW2 (12 mins)

Liam, Jack and Oliver discussing the events, tactics and outcomes of WW2

Episode 7: Yr8 Spanish Armada (22mins)

Fin talking about the causes, events and reasons for its defeat

Episode 8: Yr7 Emily Davison's Death - Accident or Suicide (29mins)

Casey and Isla talking about the causes, events and reasons for its defeat

Episode 9: Yr9 Man Utd Vs. Liverpool Premier League All time 11 (1hr22 mins)

James and Alan discussing the best 11 Man Utd Vs. Liverpool

Episode 10: Yr8 Impact of Holocaust on the Jewish Community (26 mins)

Shai and Harry discussing Antisemitism today

Episode 11: Yr9 WW2 through the eyes of Ethan's Great Grandparents  (42 mins)

A very personal journey into WW2, lots of research, discoveries and incredible stories!

Episode 12: Yr8 Soviet Union and Cold War  (42 mins)

An introduction to the Soviet Union and a Cold War overview by Louie

Episode 13: Yr8 Fishing as a hobby

(34 mins)

Harley discussing his hobby of fishing...

Episode 14: Y10 Early Weimar Republic (1 hour 2 mins)

Isla and Ella discussing the early challenges to the Weimar Republic