9-1 Paper 2 Section B: Elizabeth I




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Welcome to the Elizabeth I course:

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Key Documents

Links / Videos

Every lesson's powerpoint

Introduction & Tudor background / context

Lesson 1: Course outline & timeline of key events


Elizabethan Society & Government in 1558

Situation on Elizabeth's accession:

Initial problems: Gender, Legitimacy & Marriage

Early challenges: Economy, Trade and France


The Religious Settlement:

Religion in England 1558 & Elizabeth's new Religious Settlement

Catholic & Puritan challenges to the Settlement at HOME

Challenges to the settlement from ABROAD


Mary Queen of Scots

Mary Queen of Scots story + Casket Letters trial

Catholic Plots: Ridolfi, Throckmorton, Babington + Mary's execution

Worksheets for Catholic & Puritan challenges to the settlement


Relations with Spain

Elizabeth's Foreign Policy

England & Spain's rocky relationship / Indirect intervention in the Netherlands

Worksheet for Challenges and Threat overview faced by Elizabeth

Direct intervention in the Netherlands & Drake singeing the kings beard

Spanish Armada 1588


Education & Leisure

Education in Elizabethan England

Worksheet to organise the different educations for different classes / genders

Entertainment & Leisure in Elizabethan England

The problem of the poor / Vagrancy


Explorations & Voyages of discovery

Exploration & Voyages of Discovery & Drake summary

Colonisation of Roanoke (Virginia)

Documentary on Roanoke Mystery

Useful Websites / Links

Video clips / Movies...

Not the easiest watch, but it is an epic piece of TV, very detailed and useful. Each next part is in the right column

Speeches & letters of Elizabeth I

Historylearningsite: Elizabeth I

BBC: For Elizabeth scroll down the page

Elizabethan Era - overview

Elizabeth I - click contents to start

Mary Queen of Scots information

Elizabeth I - WIkipedia

BBC BItesize: Elizabeth I revision




ELIZABETH I TOPIC MAP (Knowledge Checklist)