9-1 Paper 2: Cold War 1945-1991


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Useful Websites / Links

TV Documentary/Drama


History Learning Site - Cold War

"Cold War for kids"

BBC Bitesize Cold War

BBC Cold War Mega series episodes 1-24

Cold War in 9 Minutes

Cold War Crash Course 2 - Overview

Cold War Crash Course 1 - Overview


BBC Bitesize Cold War Part 2


WW2 Conferences: Tehran, Yalta & Potsdam

Lesson 1: Grand Alliance & Cold War context

Early Tensions between East & West:

Impact of Atomic Bomb & Long / Novikov Telegrams on US-Soviet relations

Telegrams overview

Satellite States & USSR Control of Eastern Europe


The Cold War develops

Truman Doctrine / Marshall Plan, Comecon & Cominform

Berlin Crisis 1: Berlin Blockade, NATO and Warsaw Pact

FBI Investigation Task: Hungarian Uprising

Hungarian Uprising  1956

Arms Race

Berlin Crisis 2: Refugee crisis, Berlin Ultimatum and the Crisis Summits

Berlin Wall and its impact

The Cold War intensifies

Cuban Revolution & Bay of Pigs invasion

Cuban Missile Crisis & its consequences

Extra notes for Cuban Missile Crisis

Czechoslovakia Crisis: Prague Spring 1968


The end of the Cold War

Detente 1970-80: SALT 1 & 2, Helsinki

Invasion of Afghanistan & Olympic Boycotts

Reagan: SDI Policy (Star Wars)

Collapse of Soviet Union and end of Cold War

Early Conferences Revision Overview

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Cold War TOPIC MAP (Knowledge Checklist)