GCSE Options: Yr9

GCSE History: Letting our past, lead to your future...

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History at St. Clement's is in "Pot 2" which includes Geography and French. All students have to study at least one of these subjects.

History is a subject that has many transferrable skills that can contribute to both the world of work and more relevantly, to your other GCSE subjects. In GCSE History you will:

Read / Write / Communicate

Argue / Debate

Analyse / Interpret / Evaluate

Present / Persuade / Group work

We will also encourage you to do activities that will take you out of your comfort zone, but will be excellent preparation for the next phase of your lives i.e College / 6th Form and then job interviews.

So what will you study by choosing GCSE History at St. Clement's?...

Your GCSE course overview & exam questions.

(Starting September 2021-23)

GCSE History Course Guidebook