Website Updates

Site updates

Saturday 6 May 2017:

GCSE Content pages

All lessons are now positioned above the useful links and videos for easier access

Yr11 Revision material

Key Year 11 Revision material now in one place to avoid wasting time

Elizabethan England Course

Every lesson for Elizabethan England is now online

Yr11 Mock Exam Feedback

All lessons are now positioned above the useful links and videos for easier access

Yr11 NHS Magic Bullets

Walkthrough guide / feedback to NHS & Magic Bullets Q6 assessment

Yr9/10: Paper 1 walkthrough

Annotated walkthrough guide to your paper 1 (Medicine & Trenches)

Berlin / Poland

Photo album and report of the Berlin / Poland 2017 trip

Yr9/10: Germany Topic Map

New Edexcel Germany Topic checklist

Text Books & revision guides

A range of text books and revision guides to buy if required

Saturday 13 May 2017:

Early Germany course

First few Germany lessons now online in 'Germany' section

Monday 29 May 2017

Trenches Exam Rules

Exam rules for the Environment Study 16 marks (Q1,2a & 2b)

Monday 5 June 2017

9-1 Germany paper 3 Guide

Walk through guide of the whole of the new 9-1 Paper 3 - Germany

Friday 23 June 2017

9-1 Germany Living Conditions

Weimar Society and Living Conditions (women, wages and culture)

Sunday 25 June 2017

9-1 Early Nazi Party

Early Nazi Party including Hitler's take over

Saturday 1 July 2017

4 x Germany lessons

4 new lessons / topics added to Nazi Germany section

Slight revamp and update of the site - logos and graphics

Saturday 22 July

WWI Experience Day Photo Album

A selection of our photos from the Super Learning Day at Cannock Chase

Sunday 13 August

Hitler to Chancellor

Latest Germany PPT in Germany section

Sunday 20 August

Reichstag Fire & Enabling Act

Latest Germany PPT in Germany section

New VIDEOS section

New Video library set up for each exam topic

Saturday 26 August

C18/C19 Revision

Overview of the 18th and 19th Century - Why was change possible

Overview of the Medicine course (Causes, Treatments and Preventions) Change & Continuity

Medicine Overview

Saturday 14 October

All Germany resources / lessons are now online

Germany Course complete

Revision Zone is now updated and organised into topics

Revision Section

January 1 2018

Cold War Section - latest lesson resources added

Revision Section

August 2018

Updated set up of Medicine Section

Medicine Section

Hopefully easier to navigate from the home page

Home Page

October 2018

New Overview logs for Medicine, Elizabeth, Germany and Cold War

New Revision Resources

January 2019

Updated Nazi Church Lesson with added detailed document to download

Nazi Religion

Feedback for Renaissance Assessment

Renaissance Feedback