9-1 Paper 3: Weimar / Nazi Germany



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Intro: Context of WWI on Germany

Treaty of Versailles and its impact

Early political challenges 1919-23

Setting up of new Weimar Government

Political Spectrum - Left & Right wing parties

Spartacist Uprising & Kapp Putsch

1923: A bad year - Invasion of the Ruhr & Hyperinflation


Stresemann years - Solving Weimar's problems?

Weimar Culture & Society (Women, wages & living conditions)

Nazi Party in the 1920's:

Early Nazi Party 1919-1920

25 Point Programme

Munich Putsch 8/9th November 1923

Putsch Story, Trial and Hitler's speech in a bit more detail.

Munich Putsch sources and interpretation sheet for H/W  task & Revision

Nazi Party's Lean Years 1924-28 & Party reorganisation

Wall Street Crash & Great Depression

Rise of the Nazi Party by 1932


Hitler becomes Chancellor - January 30th 1933

Hitler's Germany 1933-39

Reichstag Fire & Enabling Act

Night of the Long Knives & Death of Hindenburg

TERROR: Police State - SS, SD, Concentration Camps & Law Courts

Control of the Church

PROPAGANDA: Controlling Germany

Women: Policies towards women in Nazi Germany

Hitler Youth Groups - Boys and Girls

Nazi Education

Youth & Church Opposition in Nazi Germany

Nazi Economy - Reducing unemployment & improving lives

Nazi Persecutions of Minorities & Jews



BBC BItesize: Germany revision


BBC BItesize: Germany revision Part 2


BBC Bitesize (Archive)

History On The Net


John D. Clare's Site

GERMANY TOPIC MAP (Knowledge Checklist)